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Landlord Protection Insurance

Landlords' insurance   
Bad tenants are bad news. Malicious or intentional damage, defaulting on rent or disappearing into thin air are all common problems. No matter how secure and well behaved your tenant seems to be, there is no guarantee these things won't happen to you.Landlord Protection insurance won't stop it happening, but it will reduce the impact on your investment.

A policy tailored to your needs
Many options of cover are available, including your building and any contents you own in the property against all the usual major risks such as fire or storm damage and can also include-

• Accidental damage or breakage
• Malicious damage or vandalism caused by tenants
• Deliberate or intentional damage by tenants
• Liability Insurance with a tailored choice of $5 million, $10 million or $20 million cover

You can also further tailor your policy by adding cover for-
• Loss of rental income
• Rent default and theft by tenants

You may be surprised at how inexpensive the policy is per year and depending on your financial situation in most cases is tax deductable.

We hope that you never have to use it- but to give yourself peace of mind we highly recommend you take out Landlord Protection Insurance.