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Open for inspections – better for Buyers and Sellers

Inspection advantages for you, the Seller
Buyers are invited to inspect your property at advertised times on days when they are most likely to be available. In this way we attract the maximum number of buyers.
Open for inspections also reduce private appointments meaning fewer interruptions and less inconvenience to you. In a busy household, an open for inspection gives you the opportunity to present your property at its best.

Inspection advantages for Buyers

  • Advertised open for inspection times allow buyers more flexibility with their time
  • They can schedule inspections of various properties which may be of interest
  • Buyers do not have to spend time contacting the agent to arrange a private viewing
  • Buyers can spend more time at the property than they may at a private appointment
  • Buyers do not feel inhibited and can relax more during inspections as they know that the sellers will not be present
  • When sellers are present, buyers may look at the property, but not relax and take in the real features because they feel they are intruding

We’ll make that extra effort to bring more buyers to your door so you achieve the best possible price. We will contact you each week to notify you of the inspection day(s) and time(s) for your property. At Best Real Estate we never allow buyers to inspect your property without one of our representatives being present.

However, at times during the course of our marketing, buyers may approach you wishing to inspect your property. If this should happen, please hand them one of our representatives’ business cards and request that they contact our office to arrange a viewing.

In this way we can keep in touch with all potential buyers for your property. This is particularly important if a sale is to occur prior to auction. Private viewings will be arranged when appropriate

Auction day- Presentation
When your home is to be offered at auction there are a number of things you can do to create the right atmosphere.

  • Mow and edge the lawns a couple of days before auction day rather than at the last minute. Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn as well, if untidy
  • Remove any weeds or rubbish from gardens, paths and the street
  • Ensure there are no animal droppings nearby that could be walked through the property
  • Arrange for a friend to take your pets on the day
  • Invite friends along to help build additional atmosphere
  • To help keep floors clean, place mats at all external doors
  • Place valuables safely away from view
  • Park your cars in front of the property the evening prior to auction day and relocate them just prior   to the pre-auction open for inspection to provide more parking for buyers – having your vehicle ‘off-site’ also creates more open space on the property
  • In Winter, a warm home is far more inviting, so use your heating and, if you have an open fireplace, light the fire for extra warmth and atmosphere
  • During hot weather, operate your air conditioning or create an airflow with open doors and windows