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Easy Step-By-Step

Buying a property doesn’t have to be frustrating or confusing. It’s ... all about being prepared.

So, before you start looking for your property, just remember these three simple things:

1.      Be clear about what you are looking for

2.      Organise your finances in advance

3.      And .... Make sure you understand the buying process

Step 1-

What are you looking for?
It sounds basic enough... but it’s easy to get side-tracked in the excitement. So make a list, or feel free to use ours...

    • What type of property are you looking for?
    • .....House, Unit, Villa, Townhouse, Duplex or Land?
    • What’s your price range? 
    • Which area or suburb do you want to live in?
    • How many bedrooms do you need?
    • What about living space?
    • Do you need a garage or parking?
    • How about public transport or schools?

Once you start looking, you may revise your list, so remember to keep us updated of any changes to your buying requirements.

Step 2-

Organise your finance in advance...
Now you know what you’re looking for, you want to be able to make an offer as soon as you find the right property. So, it’s important to get your loan approval from your bank or lender before you start.

It’s also important to understand what ‘approval’ means and the stages involved:


Finance Pre-Approval means that the amount you want to borrow is approved in principle only.

Finance Formal or Unconditional Loan Approval is when your bank or lender approves lending you the money on the actual property you wish to buy. This is best to be received in writing, before you complete your purchase.

What about Home loan interest rates?
They do vary, so it's a great idea to shop around to save yourself some money.

Part of our service here at Best Real Estate, includes a FREE finance consultation with a finance broker who will search around and find you the cheapest loans currently available and the absolute best deal that’s out there, which may save you many thousands of dollars over the term of your loan.

This consultation is absolutely obligation-free and the finance broker operates independently of Best Real Estate.

It’s easy to arrange ...... just ask us and we’ll be happy to make a time that suits you.

 Also remember with your finances to allow for additional costs, such as stamp duty on your purchase, Stamp Duty on your mortgage, your solicitor’s or conveyancer’s fees

Step 3-

Appoint a Solicitor or Conveyancer
It’s a great idea to appoint a solicitor or a conveyancer before you finalise your decision to buy a certain property

....  As they will be able to assist you will any legal advice or questions that you may have. If you are uncertain on who to use, we can certainly recommend someone for you.

Step 4-

Understand the buying process.
The buying process varies with how the property you are interested in is being sold –

Whether by Auction, Private Treaty or Express Sale – There are some important differences,so click on the relevant pages for the best advice and buying tips, and if you’re in any doubt, the best idea is to just ask us.

Step 5-

Become the successful Buyer.
When you find a property you love, ask yourself these important questions...

  • Can l see myself living here?
  • Does it have what l want?
  • Is the location suitable?
  • Does the price suit what l have to spend?   

If the answers are ‘Yes’- our advice is to take action quickly....because if you like it, it’s more than likely that another buyer will too.

Simply let us know and we’ll swing into action for you...

We’ll ensure your offer is considered and take care of all negotiations with the seller....and give you the best possible chance of becoming the successful buyer.