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Why Choose...Best?

You are probably asking yourself why you should chooseBest Real Estate to manage your property?

WELL.....Let us give you 5 compelling reasons that set us apart from others.....

Experience is Everything!

 Our Property Management team is made up of a large group of highly experienced people  all who are specialists in their field...

  E.g. ...One person looks after all financial accounting
          ...One person looks after property inspections.
          ...Another rental repairs and another rental arrears
          ...And we have a separate leasing department within
             our Property Management department.

In other offices a Property Manager has to do all of these functions themselves and if they are on a rostered day off there is no one to handle your enquiry. We have created specialised in each department to ensure you and your property receives the attention you deserve.

Lowest Rental Arrears

 One of the biggest concerns of owners of investment property is that the tenant they have  leasing their property actually pays the rent when they are meant to.

At Best Real Estate our arrears of rentals are constantly in the lowest of any Real Estate  office in Australia, because of our relentless collection process. This gives you peace of  mind and removes all the anxiety of owning investment property.

Guaranteed Weekly Rental Option
Would you like to be guaranteed rent for 52 weeks of the year?

3.  At Best Real Estate we are the only Australian Agent that offers you guaranteed rentals to  ensure you receive 52 weeks rent each year regardless of the property being vacant or  the tenant not paying their rent.

Highest Rentals in the Area

 At Best Real Estate we achieve the highest rental returns for properties in the area.
Our tenants pay the highest rent in the area because of our automatic rental review  upwards every 3 months on every property.

We Guarantee Our Services

 We pride ourselves on providing a high standard service that sets us apart from our  competitors, so much so that we offer a guarantee for our services!

Conducting accompanied inspections, rather than handing out keys, is one way we differentiate ourselves, and set our standard of services above and beyond that of our competitors. We are also one of the few property management teams in area with an office staffed 6 days a week.

With an unparalleled level of experience, exposure, and expertise, you can rest assured that with the Best Real Estate Property Management Division managing your investment, your asset is not only in the hands of the biggest team in the business, but also the best.

But don't take our word for it! If you have a property available for lease, call our property management team today on-
9636 2000, and experience the Best Real Estate Difference for yourself.