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Moving Checklist

    4 - 6 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Set an actual date for when you plan to move home
  • Make a list of your main possessions, this is a great chance to start clearing things out and will help with any insurance changes you may want to make Think about Moving Day – will you do it yourself or use professionals for the move.

   Take the following into consideration...
   How far is the move?

  • Where are you moving to? Is it easy to access? Is it up several flights of stairs?
  • How many boxes and how much furniture are you moving?
  • Do you have access to moving trucks or vehicles?
  • The actual moving may cost more than you think and it may be easier to hire professionals.Get quotes from Removalists and Truck Hire companies.
  • Organise Packing Materials – Ask your friends, go to warehouses and supermarkets around your area and ask for any unused boxes. Don’t forget string, tape and plain white wrapping paper
  • Begin Packing – start with things you will not need over the next 4-6 weeks, things from the garage, old clothing, spare linen, guest bedrooms and storage cupboards If you are moving to a new city, research and find out more about the facilities around you
  • Settle any outstanding bills you may have
  • Back up all your files, programs and photos from your computer onto external hard drives
  • Set up any pay TV disconnections and connections, Moving Tracker can organise this for you 
  • 2 Weeks Prior to the Move
  • Organise the disconnections and connections for the following:
  • Gas connections
  • Water connections
  • Phone and broadband connections
  • Electricity connections
  • Begin to manage the food in your house, consume perishable food and plan use of frozen foods Inform your doctor about your move and obtain records if you are required to change  doctorObtain children’s records from schools if changing schools
  • Plan for any care for children or pets if needed on the day of the move Create an inventory list for each box while you are packing, this will help ensure you have moved everything once you have made the moveEnsure gas bottles are purged and oil and gas are drained from lawnmowers or other machinery 

   1 Week Prior to Move

  • Notify government institutions, banks, insurance companies about your address change and set up a redirection service through Moving Trackers notification service
  • Send out an ecard to family and friends to notify them about your address change and the details of your move
  • Finish off any remaining food in the fridge and ensure the fridge is defrosted and turned off two days prior to the move
  • Pack personal luggage with change of clothes, toiletries and any valuables
  • Ensure meals are prepared for moving day and the day after
  • Repair and clean the household – It may be easier and less stressful to get professional   cleaners in
  • Gather all keys form the old address to hand in
  • Cancel all local services such as lawn mowing, newspaper deliveries etc.
  • Set aside valuables and important papers to travel with yourself
   Moving Day
  • Collect all keys to leave behind – don’t forget the garage remotes from your car
  • Do a final walk through of the house to see if anything has been left behind
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked
  • Leave a note at the house with a forwarding address to your new house
  • Turn off gas at the meter, electricity board, and water at the tap
  • Ensure pets have a familiar toy or possession for assurance
  • Ensure you check each box as it comes off the truck

   After Moving

  • Check every box against your inventory list, if anything is missing, contact your moving company straight away and file any insurance claim as soon as possible
  • Familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood and introduce yourself to the neighbours
  • Donate, sell or store anything that doesn’t fit into your new house
  • Familiarise your pets with the new house quickly; keep cats inside for at least a week so they can settle into the new home
  • Make sure you unpack all of your possessions as soon as possible so that you can live without the stress of boxes lying everywhere