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Effectively Managing Your Investment Property...

Managing the rental needs of your investment or a family home that you no longer occupy has never been a straight-forward process. And today, more than ever before, investors and homeowners are besieged by ever-changing and complex legislation. Staying informed and empowered is no longer a challenge- you are- because we are.
Property Management is not merely about collecting rent. It is really asset management in all its complexity.

Our Property Management division works as one cohesive team and comprises the most qualified and talented professionals specifically chosen for their dedication, work ethic, love of property and understanding of your specific needs. No matter which price category, Best Real Estate’s Property Management team will provide you with innovative, prudent and accountable property management solutions every step of the way.

Asset Management for Investors
As an investor we understand that your key objective is to make money out of property. Our role is two-fold. To ensure that the capital value of your investment is reserved through careful monitoring of the condition and upkeep of your property and secondly, to maximise the rental income it produces.

It goes without saying that any requests for maintenance will be fully discussed with you and facilitated through your Property Manager in a timely and cost effective manner. Equally, Best Real Estate will initiate two annual inspections of your property to ensure it is being well cared for by the tenant. We routinely use photographic evidence to document the condition of your property, comparing initial photographs with those taken at regular inspections. The aim is to maximise your rental yield and prevent maintenance that exceeds normal wear.

Rental income is the key to helping you hold your property as a long-term investment, especially since most investors borrow to fund their purchase. Best Real Estate will regularly and proactively advise you on prevailing rental conditions and re-assess your rental income to ensure that it reflects the market’s optimal level. You are always welcome to access our advice and expertise either by telephone, email or arrange a face to face appointment with our Property Management department.

The Tenant That’s Just Right For You
Understandably, most property owners, be they investors or absentee home owners, feel particularly vulnerable when it comes to tenant selection because so much of their property’s rental success depends on an appropriate choice – and selecting the tenant that best suits your property should never be a hit or miss process!

At Best Real Estate we have taken additional measures to ensure tenants are screened meticulously. In addition to industry exclusive on-line resources that safeguard the tenant selection process, we employ dedicated Leasing Consultants whose singular focus is to provide a recommendation to you on the most suitable tenant.

We will screen and select tenants through written applications, telephone contact, reference checking also conducted through nationwide databases and face to face interviews, covering security of income, employment stability and rental history with a special emphasis on due care of your property. In this way you are assured that all that can be done to protect your assets is being done.

Your Technology Edge
‘Ease’ and ‘accuracy’ – the two key words that best describe the consistent feedback from our clients when it comes to streamlining the day-to-day running of their properties. Best Real Estate’s commitment to optimising technology to your advantage is well acknowledged through numerous industry awards for our website.

Conducting business online is an increasingly pervasive part of our community. This means that the web is a powerful tool for attracting tenants. In fact over 90% of all our tenants make initial contact with us via our website, so it makes good sense to fully harness this powerful resource.

In addition to sourcing tenants, you can consider tenancy applications, receive your rental income and statements, pay for out-goings and maintenance, access reports, read regular updates on market conditions or communicate with your Property Management department easily, quickly, securely and confidentially.

Whilst we encourage you to make the most of our online resources, rest assured that we are always available to speak with you on the phone or face to face. No matter what the requirement, Best Real Estate’s team is here to support you.

Early Alert
Early Alert, our online property match system, offers tenants an easy and convenient way to find a new rental property.

For landlords, Early Alert is a valuable tool to help ensure minimal vacancy time. In fact, because prospective tenants are told about your property even before it becomes available, you may experience no loss of rental income at all. Early Alert is also useful to help find the tenant best suited to your property.
For more information or to register with Early Alert, click here.

Marketing Campaign
With your approval, we'll develop a cost-effective, professional marketing campaign using the advertising media at our disposal to make sure we attract as many potential tenants for your property as possible.

Components of the campaign may include the internet, where we will advertise your property on,, and - the four most visited sites for real estate. It will also include listings in our window display (including photographs and a detailed description), and a lease board to attract passing traffic.

Rental Payment
We offer a number of rent payment methods for tenants, such as electronic payments, by credit card or in person. Rental income is deposited directly into your nominated bank account. Should a rent payment become overdue we'll chase it up with reminder calls, written advice and SMS messages.

Our Promise
The Best Real Estate’s Property Management team knows precisely what you expect from us as professionals. Accountability, availability and expertise are at the core of the company’s longevity and reputation. Whilst other property management providers talk about service, we quietly deliver it.

We look forward to working with you to achieve the best possible results for your property or investment portfolio.

We will exert expertise, energy and enthusiasm in the care and management of your property and give you our commitment that every care and professional courtesy will always be extended to you.

From initial listing and leasing to the ongoing management and care of your property - be it your own principal place of residence or a varied investment portfolio – we will be there to ensure that your property is not only well looked after but you will achieve the best results.