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The ‘Best Guarantee...                         Our Promise to You!

At Best Real Estate we promise to the following-

  • We will ensure that to the very best of our abilities that your rent is paid on time and accounted to you at the end of every month
  • We will select the very best tenants available at the time your property is vacant and will take
  • Particular care in checking references and conducting a thorough credit check to ensure that we
  • Let your property to a tenant who can and will pay their rent on time and will look after your property in an excellent way
  • We promise that we will obtain initially the highest market rent for your property and at three
  • Monthly intervals reappraise your rent to ensure that if we can increase the rent that we will
  • We will regularly inspect your property and give you written reports of those inspections
  • We will advise you promptly of and repairs required and will obtain the most competitive quotes for you
  • We will inform you promptly of any matters affecting your tenants to ensure that your tenant enjoys a satisfactory occupancy of your property
  • We will supply you monthly with a short newsletter advising of matters pertaining to property owners, changes in legislation and ideas to save you money and protect your interests
  • Should your property become vacant, we will inform you every 48 hours of the progress of finding a new tenant
  • We will at no cost to you on your request provide you with a market appraisal on your property