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Best Presentation-
Best Price!

Why can two properties that appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices?
Quite often it simply comes down to a matter of presentation.

Best Real Estate has identified many of the factors that help sell your home for the best possible price. Some handy presentation hints for preparing your property for sale

  • Weed and cultivate the garden beds
  • Add a splash of colourful flowers to the garden
  • Remove rubbish
  • Repair and paint where necessary
  • Ensure fences are in good order
  • Clean walls, floors and windows
  • Prune trees or shrubs close to the property to help with natural light
  • Clean dust and cobwebs from the exterior
  • Steam clean carpets (if necessary)
  • Repair items such as dripping taps, sticking doors and drawers
  • Remove all unnecessary articles from cupboards. It has to be done eventually. Better to do it now and display    
  •  the full value of your storage
  • Create an entrance or decorate a dull garden with pot plants and garden furniture that can be taken with you
  • Store excess furniture to ensure rooms appear as spacious as possible

Atmosphere & ambience
Ask any buyer why they bought a particular property and they’ll probably give you a lot of very practical reasons such as position, style and price. But never underestimate the power of emotion. “It just felt right.”

A few ideas that can create that special atmosphere during inspections include-

  • Vases of fresh flowers
  • Classical background music
  • A cosy open fire in winter
  • Take pets with you during inspections
  • Wash and store dishes
  • Clean bench top
  • Make up beds
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms or passage ways
  • Put toys away
  • Neutralise cooking and pet odours and replace them with the aroma of coffee brewing or a freshly baked cake

Buyer’s eyes stand in the street outside your property and try to imagine seeing it for the first time.
Most buyers will see your property for the first time from that same vantage point as they drive or walk past. At this point they often make a decision whether or not to inspect.
If buyers see a fence that needs painting, an untidy garden or dirty windows, it is likely that their interest will be lessened.

Creating space
It is very important to make each room appear as spacious as possible. It may be necessary to store some furniture with a friend, a self-storage company or in the garage to ‘open-up’ rooms and hallways.

Opening the curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light as possible will brighten up the property and again help accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. Similarly, trees and shrubs which shade windows may need to be pruned to increase natural light.
Major Works
We do not always recommend that you spend substantial amounts on major improvements. However, a fully renovated property where the gardens have not been landscaped, or where the front fence is falling down, would justify an outlay.
If in doubt, discuss possible improvements with your Best Real Estate representative.

Open for inspections – better for Buyers and Sellers
Inspection advantages for you, the seller
Buyers are invited to inspect your property at advertised times on days when they are most likely to be available. In this way we attract the maximum number of buyers.
Open for inspections also reduce private appointments meaning fewer interruptions and less inconvenience to you.
In a busy household, an open for inspection gives you the opportunity to present your property at its best.
Open for Inspections or Auction day
When your home is to be offered at auction or open for inspection there are a number of things you can do to create the right atmosphere.

  • Mow and edge the lawns a couple of days before auction day rather than at the last minute. Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn as well, if untidy
  • Remove any weeds or rubbish from gardens, paths and the street
  • Ensure there are no animal droppings nearby that could be walked through the property
  • Arrange for a friend to take your pets on the day
  • Invite friends along to help build additional atmosphere
  • To help keep floors clean, place mats at all external doors
  • Place valuables safely away from view
  • Park your cars in front of the property the evening prior to auction day and relocate them just prior to the pre-auction open for inspection to provide more parking for buyers – having your vehicle ‘off-site’ also creates more open space on the property
  • In winter, a warm home is far more inviting, so use your heating and, if you have an open fireplace, light the fire for extra warmth and atmosphere
  • During hot weather, operate your air conditioning or create an air flow with open doors and windows